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The author of this blessed book is Abdullahi ibn Muhammad – famously called Abdullahi Dan Fodiyo. He was born in the year 1181 AH (1766 CE). He is about 13 years younger than his famous brother, shaykh and leader-Shehu Uthman Dan Fodiyo (may Allah envelop both of them in His Mercy – Ameen). He was a prolific scholar trained in every discipline; an administrator; a general; a thinker; an advisor; a governor; while at the same time being a Sufi of the Qādiriyyah Spiritual Path and detached from the world. Shaykh Abdullahi is probably most famous for his Tafsir – Diyā’ ut-Ta’weel – published editions are still available. In short, he was one of the preeminent scholars of his time representing Ahl us-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah: Ash’arī in his Creed, Mālikī in his outward practice and Qādiriyyah in Tariqah. He was a dedicated Muslim activist and erudite leader until the Angel of Death came to take his soul in 1245 or 1246 AH/1829 CE in Gwandu (modern-day Northern Nigeria) at the age of 63. May Allah have Mercy on him!


Paperback, 104 Pages, Dimensions 6X9, English/Arabic

Educating Mankind Ta'leem al-Anaam by Shaykh Abdullahi Dan Fodiyo

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