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Umdat ul-Bayaan is Shehu Uthman Dan Fodiyo's (may Allah envelop him in His Mercy - Ameen) primer text covering the Fard ul-'Ayn (the individual obligations) - as its long title suggests. One beautiful thing about this particular book is that its subject matter is not restricted to Mālikī Fiqh! The author also presents the Fard ul-'Ayn of 'Aqeedah (the Islamic Belief) as well as Tasawwuf (Sufism/Islamic Spirituality & character reformation). This paperback edition comes in 161 pages on cream stock; Arabic & English translation side by side; a brief biography of the author; footnotes and Appendices. May Allah increase & benefit you through this blessed text!

Umdat ul-Bayaan: The Supporting Explanation

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