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This book – THE MUSAYLIMAH LESSONS – is just that, a compilation of lessons based upon Musaylimah who was the false prophet who the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) called “The Liar”. Musaylimah emerged during 1st generation, claimed prophethood for himself and had a huge following. Musaylimah – the Liar is the archetype of all false prophets in the Islamic context. This book examines his history, impact & relevance. The Islamic legal ruling on the one who claims prophethood for himself is discussed as well as the ruling on the one who believes in him and the one who validates their Islam. THE MUSAYLIMAH LESSONS also looks into the matter of more contemporary self-proclaimed prophets to come out of the Muslim context. This 130 page book is a must-read that is of special interest to the African-American Islamic community. This book literally talks about what most are too scared to talk about.

The Musaylimah Lessons

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