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Shaykh Uthman Dan Fodiyo (d.1232 AH/1817 CE) - the West-African Mujaddid - 'takes the gloves off' in the intellectual battle with the corrupt scholars of his time! What was the main issue that sparked this heated battle? Women's education! He was being criticized for allowing women to attend his classes and lectures. Both men and women would come to his lectures wherein he would separate them. But this wasn't good enough for his detractors. They spread false rumors that his teaching sessions were merely places where men and women could 'hook up'. The real intent was to inhibit female excellence and to keep the sisters relegated to the status of pleasure-providers for their male counterparts. This book is one of several responses by the Shehu aimed at freeing the female from the servitude of man and making her a true servant of Allah. This text comes in 89 cream pages with the Arabic facing its English translation.

Tanbeeh al-Ikhwān (Advice to the Brothers)

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