Shroud Kit for Males includes the following:


1 Outer Wrap

5 straps to tie

1 Qamees (Shirt)

1 Waist sheet

3 pairs of disposable gloves

3 disposable aprons

3 washcloths

1 scrub brush

1 comb

3 face masks

1 Disposable plastic bag to discard used kit items (not shown here)

&1  Camphor oil 15 ml, 1 liquid soap 2 oz, and 1 musk 2 ml 


Shroud for Males (Fits up to 6.5 feet tall)


Shroud is made out of 100% cotton fabric, you can adjust the shroud to the size as needed


*Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Kits may have the same or similar items included.


Male Shroud Kit