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Ad-Durar ul-Bahayyah by Shaykh Sālih Abdus-Samī' al-Ābī al-Azharī is a commentary on the Matn ul-Ashmāwiyyah by Shaykh Abdul-Bārī al-Ashmāwī al-Rifā'ī.


Matn ul-Ashmāwiyyah is a primer text in Maliki Fiqh which teaches the Fard ul-'Ayn or the individual obligations in various acts of worship such as purification, prayer and fasting. This text comes on yellow paper, 70 pages long with the original matn (text) boxed in and its commentary running outside of the box in the traditional Islamic fashion. 

Ad-Durar ul-Bahayyah (The Beautiful Pearl) Commentary on al-'Ashmaawiyyah

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