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Sultān Muhammad Bello (d. 1252 AH) was a scholar, a skilled swordsman, a poet, a warrior, a secretary, a general and a diplomat – all before his illustrious father – Shehu ‘Uthmān Dan Fodiyo passed away (may Allah envelop him in His Mercy)! When the Shehu died in 1232 AH (1817 CE) the bay’ah (Oath of Allegiance) was given to him. As is the case anytime a charismatic leader passes on to the Next Life, instability and schisms emerged which threatened to destroy the community – the Khilāfah. This book is actually a letter – a risālah – that Muhammad Bello sent to the Amīrs and other leaders under his authority. It represents key pillars and principles necessary to strengthen and hold together any community. And history testifies to the fact that upholding the 7 principles mentioned in this text led to the stability, expansion, prosperity and security of the Sokoto Khilāfah. This English translation is presented to you in 107 pages on cream stock with the Qur’anic verses and Prophetic Hadith rendered in Arabic and referenced. May Allah benefit us all by means of this text & bless its author!

A Letter of Healing for Spiritual and Social Diseases

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