If You are Black...


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by Imam Na'eem Abdullah

If you are BLACK & halfway SANE - yes, only halfway - that's a major blessing & accomplishment! To be black & emerge from a legacy of [1] mass kidnapping, having your [2] DEEN [3] language, [4] cultures, [5] family, [6] and homeland taken from you by force...at the barrel of a gun; [7] to be raped, [8] watch your spouse, parent or child be raped repeatedly, [9] to have your new family snatched away from you at will (like a litter of cats), [10] to be enslaved for life, [11] to build someone else's society and not be permitted to be a part of that society, [12] to have all of the aforementioned happen for well over 5 generations, [13] to be physically freed & then everything about you converted into a criminal offense so that you could be technically re-enslaved, [14] to be psychologically manipulated to hate everything about yourself, [15] to be hunted like animals by so-called law enforcement and civilians alike, [16] to be killed by them, [17] to watch most of them go unpunished for doing so, [18] to have everyone else despise you because they think you have no excuse for your plight, [19] to watch other people equate their struggle with all that we have just mentioned & failed to mention, [20] to watch your sincere leaders killed, [21] to be betrayed by the leaders who remain, [22] to watch others capitalize off of your sacrifices, [23] to be abandoned by those who benefitted from your sacrifices...TO GO THROUGH ALL OF THIS AND TO STILL BE GOING THROUGH IT AND NOT BE CRAZY IS ONLY ALLAH'S DOING!